Monthly Archives: March 2016

You’ve probably heard claims that we can boost our immune system by taking supplements, vitamins or eating certain foods. And if that’s true for us you may be wondering if that’s also true for your four legged friend. The purpose of this post is to clear up a few misconceptions about ‘boosting the immune system’ […]

Carbohydrates, in particular simple sugars are often accused of ‘feeding cancer cells’. This type of generalization may be appealing for those seeking alternative cancer therapies or the tabloid newspapers but they oversimplify a highly complex area. Let’s try to simplify the biochemistry and physiology involved in order to understand where the idea that ‘avoiding carbohydrates […]

Kidney’s are incredibly important organs for both humans and dogs and I’ve already written a post on compromised kidneys and how diet can greatly improve the quality of life for any dog suffering from kidney problems. However, since that post IDEXX Laboratories – the leading company of in-house analyzers for small pets in the UK, […]