Monthly Archives: March 2016

Carbohydrates, in particular simple sugars are often accused of ‘feeding cancer cells’. This type of generalization may be appealing for those seeking alternative cancer therapies or the tabloid newspapers but they oversimplify a highly complex area. Let’s try to simplify the biochemistry and physiology involved in order to understand where the idea that ‘avoiding carbohydrates […]

Updated September 2019 There is a lot of hype surrounding antioxidants – they are often mentioned in TV advertising for various products or in glossy magazines. But what exactly are they, what do they do, are they important and should you give your dog antioxidant supplements to ensure he gets enough in his diet? Antioxidants […]

Kidney’s are incredibly important organs for both humans and dogs and I’ve already written a post on compromised kidneys and how diet can greatly improve the quality of life for any dog suffering from kidney problems. However, since that post IDEXX Laboratories – the leading company of in-house analyzers for small pets in the UK, […]