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When it comes to a dog’s diet there’s one nutrient that causes a lot of confusion and strong opinions more than any other – carbohydrates. One of the most contentiously defended beliefs is that ‘dogs don’t need carbohydrates’. You’ve heard the arguments: “Carbs aren’t essential therefore, they don’t provide value”. “Dogs can’t digest carbs so […]

There is no denying that preparing your dog’s food at home typically work out to be more expensive than a commercial diet but it may surprise you to see the difference is not that much. Just follow these top tips and hidden gems to save yourself some cash. 1. Feed grains Controversial as they may be, […]

In July this year, the US FDA released an alert saying that the numbers of dogs presenting with canine DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) has increased in recent years. Specifically, the alert warned that incidence numbers had increased in dog’s who don’t have a genetic predisposition to the condition. Further investigation led to the discovery that a large portion of non-predisposed dogs who […]

When it comes to deciding what to feed your dog, it’s easy to get caught up in trends and the latest craze that’s sweeping the doggy-nutrition world. All too often we hear claims of various foods and supplements – some old, some new – being able to cure all manner of aliments, of being a […]

Anyone who’s dog has had cancer will know the fear and feeling of helplessness that comes with the diagnosis. Fear of the unknown and what will happen to them. Helplessness because you have to entrust their care and wellbeing to the professionals. Nonetheless, upon hearing the words ‘your dog has cancer’, a lot of people […]

On the first part of what happens when the immune system goes wrong, we looked at how the immune system can make a walk around the park a bane of summer. While allergies generally can be managed and don’t cause long-term damage, autoimmune disorders tend to be more threatening to your dog’s health, and aren’t always as […]