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It seems like every other week, there’s a new ‘super food’ that we – and our dogs – should be adding to our diets. And I’m sure you’ve heard the many claims about the health benefits of coconut oil too. Everywhere we look; someone is singing its praises. So, what’s in coconut oil, and how might […]

Updated January 2021. Unlike a face-to-face appointment our consultations are online without any need to see you or your dog in person. This is a different approach to what many dog owners would normally have with their vet, and I am often asked about our consultations, how they work and exactly what’s involved. In short, […]

Anyone who has read my blog before is likely have heard me speak about the National Research Council (NRC) at some point. But what is the NRC, and why should you care about what they’ve got to say about your dog’s diet? The National Academies Across the globe there are different societies, institutions and academies […]

Updated August 2019 You’ve probably heard claims that we can boost our immune system by taking supplements, vitamins or eating certain foods. And if that’s true for us you may be wondering if that’s also true for your four legged friend. The purpose of this post is to clear up a few misconceptions about ‘boosting […]

There is no denying that preparing your dog’s food at home typically work out to be more expensive than a commercial diet but it may surprise you to see the difference is not that much. Just follow these top tips and hidden gems to save yourself some cash. 1. Feed grains Controversial as they may be, […]

Updated August 2019 When it comes to deciding what to feed your dog, it’s easy to get caught up in trends and the latest craze that’s sweeping the doggy-nutrition world. All too often we hear claims of various foods and supplements – some old, some new – being able to cure all manner of aliments, […]

For decades, dog owners have been following one new diet trend after another. From grain-free to raw and limited-ingredient diets, there’s always something new to try. More recently, people have begun to feed their dogs a ketogenic diet as a way to treat or cure their cancer. There is no question that what we feed […]

Updated March 2019 Most people who own a dog, particularly one with white fur, will be familiar with the issue of fur staining. Patches of fur in certain areas of the body turning red or brown and growing darker in colour over time. Thankfully, this discolouration itself doesn’t cause your dog any harm – it’s […]