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Superfood or superhype?

The internet has revolutionised how we access information and the speed at which we do so. Never has it been easier to get tips and recommendations on what you should be feeding your dog and what you should avoid. But as with most things, the internet has its downside too. Namely, that people can and […]

Microbes and your dog’s health

More and more, we’re hearing about how we should be taking care of our ‘gut health’ and making sure that the foods we eat can help support a healthy microbiome. But what exactly is a microbiome; why is gut health important; and why is it relevant to your dog’s health? What are microbes? Microbes (or […]

Your dog’s kidneys & how they work

I’ve written about kidney failure on a few occasions in the past – what it is and how it can be treated. But what I haven’t spoken about is what the kidneys are. What exactly do these bean-shaped organs do and why is keeping them healthy so important to your dog’s overall health? Though they […]

CBD oil for Arthritis pain in dogs

It’s been a long-held notion that cannabis – and its many forms and derivatives, including cannabidiol (CBD) – can function as a medicine, or even cure, for various ailments. And not just in humans, but in animals, including dogs, too. One illness where cannabis is often lauded as a curative treatment is canine arthritis. There […]

Analysis of a generic home-prepared dog diet

Are you already cooking for your dog or are you considering it? Feeding your dog a standard, generic recipe from online or a book can carry risks, and sometimes, can be detrimental to their health. This is particularly the case if your dog has an underlying health issue like heart problems, chronic kidney disease or […]

Feeding your senior dog

There’s a school of thought that older dogs require a different diet compared to younger dogs. And while it is true that as your dog ages, their body and in turn their dietary requirements, can change, there’s no hard and fast rule for if or when this should happen. When does a dog become ‘old’? […]

Easy ways to save money on your dog’s home-prepared diet

There is no denying that preparing your dog’s food at home typically work out to be more expensive than a commercial diet but it may surprise you to see the difference is not that much. Just follow these top tips and hidden gems to save yourself some cash. 1. Feed grains Controversial as they may be, […]