Benefits of well balanced home-prepared dog diets

  • Meals tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional requirements and food preferences
  • Complete control over the ingredient list
  • Improved overall health throughout life
  • Tasty meals for fussy eaters
  • More energy
  • Better control of medical conditions
  • Management of multiple health conditions with conflicting nutrient requirement
  • Healthier weight and better digestion

About Kristina

Kristina Johansen

Kristina is certified in Advanced Canine Nutrition with studies in animal nutrition, anatomy, physiology and diseases.  She works with dog owners and veterinarians from all over the world, formulating home-prepared raw & cooked diets that meet NRC guidelines.

Kristina also write articles on canine nutrition and care for Huffington Post and in many publications. She is author of the book, ‘How to Choose the Best Commercial Dog Food‘ and is currently working on her second book, ‘Nutritional Management of Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs’.

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