Homemade Frozen Dog Treat for Summer Hydration & Interactive Fun

With the summer heat rising, keeping our dogs cool and comfortable can be challenging so I wanted to share my favourite frozen dog treat. This super easy recipe is great for keeping our dogs cool and sufficiently hydrated – and it beats the summer boredom!

For the recipe you need:

• One food safe container
• Natural rope such as jute or hemp
• Your dog’s favourite fruits, vegetables* and/or other treats (I encourage you to get creative)

*No leeks, onions, or garlic please as these are toxic to dogs. You can learn more about safe fruits and vegetables here.

How to:

1. Thoroughly wash your container, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Place one end of the rope in the container.

3. Add as many or as little fruit and vegetable pieces into the container as you want. Please keep in mind that fruits and vegetables can loosen stool if overfed so choose a container that matches your dog’s size or fill with less ingredients.

4. Fill the containers with your liquid of choice. For example, coconut water, beef, or chicken stock, yogurt etc. If you are using a liquid other than water, make sure to dilute it well so it is not too strong.

5. Freeze overnight.

6. Release the frozen treat from the container. For easy removal, run it under warm water for a few seconds.

7. Tie the rope around a suitable tree branch, or you can hang the treat against a wall.

I hope you and your dog will enjoy this recipe and as per usual, it’s important that your dog is monitored and not left alone when they are enjoying their treat.