What’s Included?

1. This is an online nutrition consultation for dogs with health issues.
2. We start with a thorough evaluation of your dog’s previous and current health. Your dog’s age, weight, breed, activity level and foods he or she loves to eat.
3. Next step is to calculate your dogs requirements, as set by the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs (2006).
4. Final step is a process of nutrient math to put together the correct mix of ingredients and supplements to ensure the diet will provide for all your dogs nutrition needs but also to meet the specific needs of your dogs health condition(s).
5. You will receive one custom-formulated recipe written as a weekly batch for you to prepare ahead of time. The recipe will include very precise amounts of specific ingredients and added sources of vitamins, minerals and EFAs.
6. Full nutritional break down of the diet, dietary guidelines and information on preparation and storage.
7. Supplementation instruction and links to quality tested supplements.
8. 2-3 diet modifications as warranted based on your dog’s response
9. 1 months of email follow-up.

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